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Health Coaching


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Holli Bassin has studied over 100 different dietary theories and can help you accomplish your health goals in simple easy attainable steps.  

She can make you accountable for the healthy you that you want to be!  You will get more enjoyment out of life and feel more satisfied with the foods you eat.

You may choose a goal as simple as ‘learning how to feed your family healthier snacks’ or completely change your dietary plan to ‘integrate more nutritious foods into your daily lifestyle’.    These goals are attainable!

Think of what it would feel like to achieve your health goals.  What will be different about your life once you achieve these goals?

Some of these results may simply be to:

  • Have more energy
  • Sleep Better
  • Feel better
  • Think more positively about you and your family’s lifestyle.

Coaching sessions can be in person, or by phone. Part of your individualized program can include a review of your pantry or a super market visit. Contact Holli now for your free 50 minute initial health coaching consultation.


Food Allergy Coaching

Parents of children with life-threatening food allergies know the drill!  Food allergens must be avoided at school, summer camp, and at every birthday party, religious event, family function, vacation, restaurant outing and anywhere else your child comes into contact with food.  In a word—everywhere, all the time.

Whether you’re new to the world of food allergens or have been coping for years, working with a food- allergy coach can offer practical information and emotional support. Holli can coach you on how to communicate with schools, restaurant personnel and the people who love your child most to provide a safe environment for your child and a happy lifestyle for your family.

Coaching Services May Include…

Keeping Your Child Safe:

  • Effective advocacy for your child at school and elsewhere
  • Preparing for doctor’s visits and choosing the right providers
  • Conscious shopping, label reading and discovering new foods
  • Understanding medical terminology and educating yourself
  • Training and practice with Epinephrine auto injectors
  • Reducing the risks of accidental exposure
  • Substituting ingredients in recipes

Managing Social and Emotional Issues:

  • Easing the anxiety associated with raising a food allergic child
  • Choosing restaurants and communicating with food-service handlers
  • Training and educating babysitters, grandparents and other caregivers
  • Helping you manage multiple children with different allergies
  • Helping your child live positively with food allergies
  • Providing training and guidance as the older food-allergic child begins to take on new responsibilities for self care

Sessions can be in person, by phone, or via Skype. Holli can visit your home to review your pantry or accompany you to the super market. Contact Holli now for your free initial coaching session.

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Testimonials from Health Coaching Clients:

“Having a <health> coach makes it a more important issue so you can act on it.  Taking step #1 is what you need!”

“With thorough questioning and direction, you realize the crux of the matter and what you need to pay attention to.”

“It’s all a process.  It has to percolate and then <the issue> needs to live a life of its own.”

“Just by talking about it, cements it into your mind.  Takes it from the back of your mind and puts it in the front.”

“Helps you realize what your intentions really are.”


What did you learn:

“Today’s training really helped expand my knowledge & understanding of food allergies.  I will definitely look at labels much closer.”

What did you like:

“lots of visuals and hands on participation for the staff.”  “Informal presentation – presenter obviously very knowledgeable, enjoyed family examples.”, “Speaker was informative and knowledgeable. Training was interactive with great conversation.”

Other comments:

“I applaud you and your family.  It’s amazing how you choose to take your time to educate and advocate for others.”

“I found the training to be very helpful and informative.  Looking  <at> and comparing food labels was VERY eye opening.”

“I liked hearing your personal accounts.  As a parent who hasn’t had to deal with this first hand, it really helps me empathize with those that do.”