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Book Review from Client

From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream is an amazing story.  The author does an incredible job of bringing the reader with her on her daughter’s 12 year journey to reduce life threatening reactions to foods Rachel was experiencing from babyhood.  Holli’s commitment as a parent and then her decision to pursue health coaching to support others is extraordinary.  Inspiring, informative and unbelievably uplifting to those of us experiencing difficulty eating meals that many fortunately take for granted.  Thanks for sharing and enlightening so that the rest of us can aspire to live a peaceful, healthy, stress free life…

Karen L.

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#1 New Release in Children’s Allergies Health on Amazon

From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream is no longer a dream or manuscript. It’s now a published book and reaching superlative status in helping parents gain confidence in advocating for their food allergic children. As science and health coaching grow to new heights, so do new ways of changing how we manage and resolve food allergies. I agree, there is no cure. But there is a way to change your life.

Disease begins in the gut!

Since 70% of our immune system lives in the gut, it is often the root cause of food allergies. Taken one step farther, if we can figure out what pathogens are causing the allergy, it makes it much easier to heal the gut. Easier said than done, right?

Our Personal Experience

This story takes on my personal hypothesis along with the solution we found to resolve my daughter’s food allergies. It describes in detail the lifestyle before, during and after a specific systematic desensitization process. And it share with you how our food supply, diet and lifestyle can change your life!

From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream is getting great reviews! You will LOVE how you can relate to this story as a parent, and be empowered to reach for new ways to solve your personal dietary issues. Buy it on Amazon today and write your own review!RGB version _ Revised book cover Holli w-award

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From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream

Here’s a sneak preview of the book you’ve been waiting to read! It’s my personal story of why we chose systematic desensitization and how we acheived an allergy free life! You’re going to LOVE this book!
From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream
The amazing story of how one mother helped her daughter work through life threatening food allergies. Coming soon to Amazon!

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