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Can Big Food Be Healthy?

big food vs.organic


I’ve changed the title of my newsletter this month from Food Allergy News to Healthy Eating News for good reason.  Our food supply has changed dramatically over a number of decades which may be a major component in the cause of food allergies. 

On a personal note, my daughter was once anaphylactic to eggs, dairy, and mustard.  The good news is after seventeen successful months of being on an integrative oral immune therapy program she is now able to eat many of the foods she was once allergic to with a few exceptions. 

She is able to eat organic cheese and ice cream in normal serving portions which contain the proteins she once had severe reactions to.  However, there can be a difference when she eats some of the equivalent with processed, genetically modified foods, or chemicals.

Her body processes the ingredients much differently.  For example, she can now eat an organic brand of macaroni and cheese, but can sometimes get hives if she eats the equivalent amount of a highly processed commercialized product.  Her body may show signs of processing these products in an unhealthy way. 

There is some encouragement.   I recently read an article in Fortune Magazine about the war on big food that may explain how the food industry has caught on to the movement of healthy eating. 
How long can you leave a loaf of bread on the counter before it gets moldy?  If you say more than a few days, then odds are you have preservatives in your food.

According to the above mentioned Fortune Magazine article, big food companies are changing.  Some of these changes are for the better.  For example Hershey’s is transitioning its milk chocolate bars and milk chocolate kisses by making its products with simple ingredients without using rBSt hormones.  However, some big food manufacturers are simply positioning themselves to gain market share.  For example General Mills now owns Annie’s mac-and-cheese.  Big foods are not necessarily learning from entrepreneurial culture. This may be a problem.

As a Health Coach I work with clients who want to feed their kids (and themselves) healthier options such as snacks at school or camp.  We do this together in small sustainable steps which result in kids who get sick less often, feel more energetic, and sleep better.  My clients find that being held accountable for their goals is essential to having a healthy family.  This is easy when you have someone to support you through these changes.

Big food companies can be cause for concern, but I want to hear from you!  The next time you go to the supermarket, buy the organic equivalent of your favorite processed food.   Then, send me an e-mail to tell me the differences you’ve noticed when you or your family eats healthy organic foods versus products that contain unnatural nonfood items.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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